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Helping Sales sector Use IT to Increase Visibility and Deliver Better Service

Clients never again calmly sit tight for conveyances. They need to know where their things are continuously. Sales organizations need to use innovation to build trust and better relationship with clients. GPS and Internet gadgets help keep everything associated and convey live notices. This is where Solutions comes in: we help Sales organizations utilize present day sales network innovation to increase sales and create significant information while ensuring the security of their data.

Giving a Clear View of Goods and Data in Transit and at Rest Solutions offers sales organizations a full scope of IT benefits that track and oversee products whether they're away, in travel, or prepared to be charged. Josheke achieves IT brilliance with experienced, nearby specialists combined with 24x7x365 remote observing and Helpdesk (24×7) administrations. We bring a playbook in view of long periods of experience working with Educational organizations; however tailor Information technology to your particular needs and condition. We are dedicated to achieving the following:

  • 24×7 remote monitoring, alert and documentation systems
  • emergency services and problem resolution
  • implement effective data protection and security
  • develop a strategic technology plan to support future growth
  • manage backup and disaster recovery processes
  • server, network, IP telephony, mobile, and cloud solutions
  • apply necessary patches and upgrades
  • manage vendor relationships including RFPs and negotiation
  • upfront assessment and periodic audits of IT systems and issues
  • evaluate and migrate to cloud technology options
  • tap into the same level of expertise available to big companies
  • timely reporting

Project Consulting or Managed Services Solutions’ IT services can work on a project basis to solve a specific problem, or provide managed services and ongoing support of your technology.

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