Network Design Services

There are many network design considerations that every solution provider should take into account before embarking on a network design project. Knowing these trends and caveats will help you make the best network design planning and network design choices for your customer. As a company grows its business, solution providers play a leading role in the network design projects needed to update the client's existing network and expand it to accommodate additional users or workloads. Vendors have commoditized their network products, allowing solution providers to implement powerful network elements that would have been cost-prohibitive just a few years ago. Modern network design has moved away from the traditional challenges of component selection and configuration and is now focused on using established technologies to solve client's business problems.

Cracking The Code

Building and design codes can be complex and confusing. But with Josheke, you never need to worry. Our experts know about all the rules and regulations that come into play -and we'll make sure your project meets every one of them. We also use the most rigorous industry and manufacturer standards out there, so you can be assured of your network installation's quality.

Completely Tested

Our network consulting and site design services leave nothing to chance, including the testing of your network design. The centrally-located Josheke.Co Solutions Solution Center is a high-tech testing laboratory. There, we can set up a complete network system and test it over a long period of time -helping your business avoid unhappy customers, project delays, and lost revenue.

Network Upgrading

As businesses grow and evolve, they may outgrow their existing network and require a network upgrade. To help ensure a smooth transition, a careful look at both the current network and the new network requirements is necessary. This will help determine what new equipment and configurations are necessary to ensure that the new network fully supports both the current and future needs of the company or organization. Josheke.Co Solutions will ensure that our competent network designers will handle the task we ease.

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